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Concerned about your website's security?

Online store? Ecommerce? Online forms? Make sure your website is secure by encrypting your data with a SSL certificate.

Our SSL Certificates

Why Choose our SSL Certificate?

Data encryption

Up to 256 bit encryption, making sure that data sent from your secured webpages is not caught and used against you or your trusting customers. Certificates secured with SHA-2 algorithms.


When the certificate is issued by a Certificate Authority that is trusted by the browser, this credibility is extended to the secured website. Our certificates are recognized by 99+% of browsers.

Quick and easy installation

Simply enter your contact information and validate it through email. Our hosting customers also get an automated installation on their hosting plan. Can take as little as 15 minutes to setup!

Improved SEO

Secure websites now included in SEO! Google wants a safer internet. In order to this make this dream come true, they give a light ranking boost to websites secured with a SSL certificates!

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