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Optimize your SEO

  • Analyze your site

    Your website will be assigned a score and errors will be highlighted. You may also receive specific recommendations to improve your score. The tool will continue to monitor your website looking for warnings and checking the technical health of the website.

  • Optimize for search

    The tool submits your website to major search engines and continuously checks to see where you rank in search results. It will help you to associate the right keywords for different pages and optimize them. And it’s all done in a simple and understandable way, even for beginners.

  • Check your content

    The tool will look at content on your website and offer recommendations that will make your site more interesting – both for visitors and search engines. It will help you achieve what should be every website’s goal - helpful, relevant, well-written, and consistent content.

Start growing

  • Adopt mobile

    More than 50% of website traffic worldwide comes from mobile phones, so every site should be aiming to attract and keep mobile visitors. The tool evaluates how well your site is optimized for mobile and provides advice to improve your site’s mobile performance.

  • Increase popularity

    Measure your website’s popularity and get steps to climb higher in search rankings. The tool will help you earn trust and authority with search engines and guide you through the process of obtaining external links to point to your website.

Dedicated Dashboard

MarketGoo's dashboard simplifies the SEO optimization by presenting well organized information in different sections:

Score Progress: Displays the overall score of your website which is calculated using an algorithm that takes into consideration all aspects of your site.

SEO Progress: Displays a summary of the current status of your overall marketgoo SEO account

Your Site Traffic: Gives a brief summary of your website ranking

Search Engine Indexing Status: Displays how your website is received and your pages have been indexed.

Keywords & Competitors Rankings: Allows you to view how your site is ranking for your selected keywords

And more!

MarketGoo Lite MarketGoo Pro
Search engine submission
Connect Google Analytics
Download SEO report as PDF
Pages scanned Up to 50 Up to 1000
Competitor tracking Up to 2 Up to 4
Keyword tracking and optimization Up to 5 Up to 20
Updated report and plan Weekly Daily
Custom SEO plan Limited Complete with step by step guide
Monthly progress report

$64.68 / Year

$194.28 / Year

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is used to optimize your website's ranking on the various search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO is necessary for the relevant visitor to be able to find your website on Google when he / she searches for a topic they are interested in. SEO is mainly used for the purpose of getting more traffic to your website. This means that with the help of SEO, you can find relevant visitors to your products or services and thereby increase your sales
There are several hundred SEO agencies on the market, which can help you with your SEO strategy, but at a high cost. With our tool, you can teach yourself how to optimize the website for your company, and avoid spending too much money to see if it works
Absolutely! Reports are always included in our SEO tool. The tool provides a simple overview of how you rank on Google - on the keywords you want to rank on
Marketgoo is a Do-it-Yourself tool, so while we help you with analyzing your site and giving recommendations, tasks and instructions for you to optimize your site, we don’t make these changes for you.
You can definitely do that, we will show a historical increase in your ranking in the search engines so you see where you started and where you are right now
No way! Only you know who you’re tracking.

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