Find your .CACountry Code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD)

Why to choose a .CA?

  • The Canadian connection

    There is a Canadian presence requirement for individuals, organizations, and businesses to register a .CA domain. It’s the only domain name extension that identifies a website as 100% Canadian.

  • Canadians prefer .CA

    Research shows that Canadian internet users prefer to visit and shop on .CA websites.

  • Trust

    .CA is an established top-level domain and recognized as a safe, secure, and trusted resource for Canadians

  • Availability

    Avoid You might have a better chance of getting the domain name you really want in a .CA.

  • .CA gives back

    A portion of every .CA domain purchase goes back into improving the internet in Canada through CIRA’s Community Investment Program. Because giving back is the Canadian way.

  • Free Privacy Protection

    You automatically benefit from free privacy protection in the WHOIS when you select an individual category during the registration of your domain name

Requirements for Registrants

Individuals wishing to register a .CA domain must comply with the requirements for presence in Canada.

There are 18 categories divided into two types to confirm your Canadian presence.

  • Individuals including Canadian citizens, permanent residents, legal representatives or indigenous people.

  • Non-individuals including businesses, associations, partnerships, governments, registered trademarks in Canada and more.

Protect your brand

Claim your .CA today before somebody else takes it.

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