We make it easy With the perfect management interface

Our user interface at your service

Meet Your Customer Hub

Easy billing and product management with the Funio Customer Hub, our unique and scalable user interface, where efficiency meets aesthetics

One Interface To Rule Them All

Centralized Management

Why bother with 3 different interfaces when you can deal with 1! We created an interface that allows you easily manage all your different hosting products. Integrated cPanel features, simplified DNS zone editing and bulk domain modifications and renewals are only a few of the features you will find.

Comprehensible Billing

We believe you should have easy access to your transaction history and the means to access an account statement or your billing preferences without the need to sign a pink waiver. Also, adding new products can adjust automatically to other product billing cycles so you don’t end up with 17 invoices in a month.

Online Assistance Center

Easily open, reopen, comment, track or close your support tickets. Directly connected to our knowledge base, our Assistance center will make suggestions based on popular keywords. Support requests opened from the Hub are automatically prioritized so you obtain the fastest response possible.

Updates, Warnings, News & More

Whenever you are looking for any information in regards to your Funio account or products, your first stop should always be the Customer Hub. Server maintenance notifications, promotions, Funio hosting news and a few surprises await you there.

Hosting Can Be This Simple

cPanel Integrated Features

We integrated the most popular cPanel functions directly to our Customer Hub. Stop fussing for that password; log into the Hub and gain access to everything at once!

  • Host additional domain names or create subdomains
  • Install popular web applications with a single click
  • Manage your email accounts
  • Create new databases with our one-step tool
  • No authentication required secure cPanel connection (SSO)
  • Enjoy the ongoing evolution of new Hub features

The Funio Community

We believe our customers have all the right qualities to better themselves, which is why we provide them with the tools they need to push through with very little effort.

Knowledge Base Frequently updated & user driven content.

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